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Colorado Springs Real Estate Market

Thinking about moving to Colorado Springs, or getting into the hot real estate in this booming city? It’s no secret that Colorado Springs is one of the hottest housing markets right now across the United States. With the prime location of the city right up against the breathtaking Pike’s Peak mountain, it’s hard to beat such a beautiful and attractive place to live. Whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate in this market, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking to sell real estate in this market you will more than likely be showered with offers, and prepare to have a fast closing. If you’re on the buyer side, prepare to submit multiple offers, and prepare to stay competitive. For buyers, you can enjoy and look forward to the unique and brand new real estate that Colorado Springs has to offer. Choose between a home built in the early 1900’s on the west side of town full of character, or a beautiful newly built home on the other side of town; Colorado Springs has it all.

Colorado Springs is quickly turning into a “little Denver,” and this calls for an increase in housing numbers. New home builders are having a hay-day with the growing population and housing demand in Colorado Springs. They are making up for the low resale inventory numbers, and providing new homes that aren’t only gorgeous, but affordable as well. With such low inventory in the $200-$300’s of resale homes, new builds are becoming more and more affordable and a viable buying option for many buyers.

The housing market in Colorado Springs is very popular and it’s important that you do your research on not only the city itself, but also on your realtor. Choose a realtor who has extensive knowledge in the market you are wanting to buy or sell real estate in. Colorado Springs real estate is very unique and although it may seem to sell itself, it’s important to know the fine print as well.

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