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Homes For Heroes

Heroes Deserve Their Rewards

Serving others is the most humble and noble career any of us can decide to take on. Many of us work in some form of service – but a select few serve with a greater degree of sacrifice attached to it. These are our heroes. If you are reading this, you are likely one of these heroes or are closely related to one. For your service and sacrifice, I cannot possibly thank you enough.

Heroes Defined

For me, heroes are those who give so much in order to serve our families, communities and country every day. For their service they get back so little, most notably a smaller but well- earned paycheck. I recognize these heroes as firefighters, law-enforcement, military/veterans, healthcare professionals/EMS, and teachers for all they have done to make our country better and keep us safe. Your service is appreciated so much more than what you are compensated for.

Enough Sacrifice

Compensating our community heroes, giving something back to them, is the idea behind Homes for Heroes. The least we can do for our heroes is provide the resources and services to help our heroes stretch their dollars. We must also recognize that many in these professions are not physically able to work as long as others in less demanding fields. For these reasons and more, I work closely with many hero organizations to ensure they have the home they want and the rewards they deserve.

Even as our heroes love what they do to serve their fellow citizens and communities here is southern Colorado, those with the biggest hearts know the time will come when they just can’t give any more. I consider it a true privilege to help our heroes earn their rewards with their real estate transactions. Serving those of you who serve us is a great honor, it’s my thanks to you.

Jean Plank

Homes for Heroes Colorado Springs