The value of owning land as your personal right is in her DNA. Anna was born into an entrepreneurial family where her father in his twenties left the safe confines of South Africa to invest in gold mines in Rhodesia. He spent his life developing an agricultural estate that exported flowers and raised pedigree brahman livestock. She finished university in the college town of Grahamstown, South Africa and then moved to Dallas, TX with her husband Gary and their twenty-two-month-old son. Their next two sons were born in Irving and the thriving town of Fredericksburg in the Hill County.

Their first visit to Colorado Springs was in 2000.  Back then she says, it appeared a sleepy town with access to many tourist delights. Moving here six years ago, she has come to appreciate all that this city provides: easy commutes, outstanding education, diverse work opportunities, a thriving art and music culture and the very best place to live. With the downtown shopping area, tourist attractions of Old Colorado City and Manitou, the appeal of an outstanding university as well as home to tech giants and military bases, one can find a place to thrive in.

The landscape of Real Estate has changed greatly in the last twenty years. We have seen home prices rise steadily throughout these sought-after areas. As evidenced by the growth in Colorado Springs, the demand for all housing continues to grow. Home Builders and apartment complex communities are committed to meeting these needs. The increase in town home complexes allows home ownership at an affordable price for all. Single family home builders are accommodating modern open plan marvels. Older neighborhoods with their established trees are sought after. Deciding to purchase, downsize or invest in real estate is a critical decision for your long-term wealth creation. If you are looking for some-one who will listen intently, look at all the pros and cons, follow your time line (whether fast or slow), and give you honest input then Anna would be honored to be your REALTOR®.  Any journey can be broken down into manageable steps. Call her TODAY and let’s make your dream a reality!